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Overnight Parking Reminder

All residents are reminded that local ordinance 223-17 is in effect year round from 2:00AM until 5:00AM. Residents who need to park a vehicle in the street overnight should call the police station prior to 2:00AM at 201-664-1140 with the location and make and model and color of the vehicle to parked on the street. The license plate number and a valid reason is also REQUIRED. Overnight parking permission will not be granted during periods of forecasted inclement weather or other hazardous conditions. Residents with special circumstances are encouraged to call the police department during business hours and speak with either the Chief of Police or Captain.




Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Friday, October 29, 2010

Now that the holiday season is approaching, and historically this is the time of year burglaries take place, residents can take several simple actions that make a difference and can deter burglaries:


Senior citizens have been the target of diversion type burglaries. The actor in these cases attempts to gain entry as a utility company or television service employee.  Do not allow anyone access or entry into your home unless you are certain who they are and where they are from. Contact the Police Department immediately when in doubt.


As always the Police Department encourages residents to call and report anything suspicious.  Your report could stop a crime in progress!!


Mischief Night

Thursday, October 28, 2010
The Westwood and Township of Washington Police Departments will be continuing their “Zero Tolerance Policy” this year during Halloween and “Mischief Night”. These standards are very important for the safety of our children and the protection of private property. Parents have to take an active role in order for these standards to be successful. The Police Departments understand that revelry is a part of the Halloween tradition. Please remember that certain activities are unacceptable, even at this time of year. Damaging the property of another is against the law. Juveniles caught participating in any form of criminal mischief will be brought to Police Headquarters for appropriate action and will only be released to a parent or guardian. Parents should speak with their children about unacceptable activities or not allow their children out on these nights without adult supervision.
The standards that will be enforced this year include:
• A Zero Tolerance policy toward acts of criminal mischief, trespassing and aggressive behavior. Anyone found defacing or damaging private property will be arrested and charged.
• We will confiscate all items, including toilet paper and shaving cream, from juveniles found wandering around the Township and Borough unsupervised. Names of all unsupervised juveniles will be recorded.
• Any juveniles found with items we feel pose a significant threat to people or property will be brought to headquarters and processed according to the law. These items include eggs, spray paint, paintball guns, and any other items that could be considered a threat.

A strict 9:00 P.M. curfew will be enforced on October 30th and 31st. Anyone in violation will be brought to Police Headquarters.



Washington Township Police now on Twitter

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chief Randy Ciocco has announced that the Washington Township Police Department is now using Twitter, a social networking site. Residents can now receive instant updates from the Washington Township Police Department by following them on The department will be sending "Tweets" to notify area residents of emergency situations, road closures, severe weather, safety tips, upcoming events, and other relevant information.

Followers can opt to have the information sent directly to their cell phones via text message, essentially enabling them to receive these notifications instantly.

For more information or to sign up visit




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